Jim Ballas Puts The Knowledge To Good Use In The Creation Of DRTV

Posted by - Admin / December 9th, 2009

If you know much about the industry of direct response television advertising, you have likely at least heard the name Jim Ballas, or that of his company, Spotlauncher. He is the CEO of the company, which is considered by some to be one of the most successful companies in the industry. He has worked in the radio and television advertising industries for decades, so he has quite a bit of experience. While he appreciates the work of the pitchmen one sees at trade-shows, that simply is not his style. He has a background both in sales and acting, which informs his way of doing business in the direct response television advertising industry.

Ballas was “discovered” while swimming at a hotel pool. He was invited to be in a number of local commercials being produced for the nationally-known Bush Gardens and a brand new water park called Adventure Island. For the next couple of years he was able to work in modeling and acting, even attending the most prestigious acting school in the East.

This time in the acting industry positively informs Jim Ballas’ career in DRTV. He is comfortable behind a camera and knows what it takes to make a scene look natural and effective. Now, as the CEO of Spotlauncher, Mr. Ballas puts that knowledge to good use in the creation of DRTV ad spots.

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